Name:  Tim Wagaman II
Family:  Wife- Heather, Son-Timmy III Daughter-Lillian (Lilli)
Occupation:  Parts Department at Hanover Toyota
Engine Builder:  Belmit Development
Chassis:  JEI
Favorite Tracks:  Lincoln Speedway, Trailway Speedway, and Port Royal
Years Racing: 10
Divisions Competed In:  358 Sprints & Go Karts
Wins: 6 in Karts, 1 358 sprint win @ Trailway Speedway 2010
Regular Tracks/Series:  PA 358 Sprints, Lincoln Speedway & Trailway Speedway
Hobbies: Racing
Favorite TV Show:  Gold  Rush Alaska
Favorite Music:  Just about everything
Favorite Food:  Crabcakes
Favorite Drink:  Coors Light
Favorite Restaurant:  Texas Road House
Favorite Driver(s):  Jeff Rohrbaugh & Fred Rahmer


When and How Did You Start Racing?
My dad started taking me to races when I was a toddler, so I grew up around all of that.  Then when I was a teenager, I started helping out with my Uncle Jeff’s (Jeff Rohrbaugh) car.  I eventually started running Karts and then was presented with the opportunity to drive a 358 a couple of times.  After that I was hooked and bought my own so I could race every week.

Who had the biggest impact on your racing career and why?
I would say my Uncle Jeff.  Helping him I saw him at the highest of highs and lowest of lows on the race track and thought I would really like to do that.  No matter what you have to endure in a race season the thrill of it is well worth it!

What would you be doing if you weren’t racing?
I think I would still be involved with a team in some capacity.  I would probably work with Jeff and continue to try to learn more about it.

What is your favorite aspect of racing?
Initially I just liked going really fast!  But as I’ve gained experience and knowledge I really love passing cars, learning the ins and outs of each track I visit, and most importantly gaining awesome fans.  I love to have someone yell “Nice Job, Tim” as I’m walking through the pits even though I don’t even know them.

What is your greatest accomplishment on the track?
My first 358 win at Trail Way on 6/25/10.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you in racing?
Having a string of bad luck that included having 2 motors blow up within 2 weeks!!  That was the worst.  I felt badly that I couldn’t compete for my fans and my sponsors.

In your own words, describe your past seasons as a driver and what you hope to accomplish in the future.
My previous years of racing have been invaluable to me.  They have helped me to earn the respect of my fellow drivers, helped me to gain fans and sponsors, and have helped me gain confidence and control as a driver.  I feel that I’m now at a place, as a driver and competitor, to begin to further my racing career. 
In the future I hope to move up to 410 racing and to become a consistent and well respected driver among my fellow drivers and fans. 

Where do you see sprint car racing five years from now?
I hope to see it continue to grow and gain popularity.  I would love to see it become as popular as many of the other motorsports have become.  I would also love to see the competition among the drivers continue to exceed expectations with my team leading the way!

What is your ultimate goal in racing?
I would like to become a prominent driver in the area, grow my race team into a premiere outfit, and continue to grow my fan base to the largest among the competition.