Name:  Tim Wagaman
Hometown:  Hanover, PA
Crew Experience:  1982-85 Bobby Allen
1993-99 Jeff Rohrbaugh  (while he drove for Floyd Swope, Jack Leppo, Bill & Kay Tanger Bruce & Bev Thompson, Jerry Karl, and Bob Weikert)                      
2005-Present TWR
Favorite TWR Moment:
My favorite moments were seeing him get in a car for the first  time, and then passing Jeff at Hagerstown. But probably the best moment came at Port Royal. It wasn't because we were the fastest  car there, but seeing Tim's face after the heat race was awesome. It has been great watching the team grow over the years.

Name:  Justin Reese
Hometown:  New Oxford, PA
Crew Experience:  2003-04 Jeff Rohrbaugh
2004  Timmy Wagaman II Go-Karts
2005-Present TWR
2008-Danny Lasoski
2008-Tim Shaffer
Favorite TWR Moment:
Is every week knowing that I started a team with my best friend that is able to go out and compete each and every time we visit a track.

Name:  Mike Bankert
Hometown:  Abbottstown, PA
Crew Experience:  Has been helping when he can since TWR's  inception
Favorite TWR Moment:
My favorite memory is the very first time we unloaded the car at Trailway and several other crews came down to   check it out and commented how nice it looked.

Name:  George Erskine
Hometown:  Bonneauville, PA
Crew Experience: 
Present Full Time Crew Help at Trailway Speedway for TWR. Previously helped with the Jay Galloway car at Williams Grove.
Favorite TWR Moment:

I just enjoy all the moments we have together in the pits.  It is so much fun!  I enjoy helping Timmy because not only is he a great driver, but a great friend.



Name:  Jeremy Smith
Hometown:  Hanover
Crew Experience:  2009-10 TWR
Favorite TWR Moment: I love just being a part of the whole racing experience week in and week out.  But my favorite moment has to be Tim's first win at Trailway Speedway.

Name:  Marissa Bankert
Team Manager

Name:  Rodney Zeigler
Team Photographer